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Create QR Codes

Never be concerned about a broken link again. You can edit your QR Codes even after printing. Use our QR Code Generator to make your own codes. Keep it up to date and also redirect old links to your new content.

Cross Platform

QR Code Reader for Windows, iOS, mac OS and Android. QR Code Generator for Windows, iOS, macOS and Android. The app is available for all the OS out there.

QR Scan History

Keep a record of all your scan results – To save a list of your scans, use the Codex QR Code App. To enable QR Scanner History, sign up for free.

Scan QR Codes Securely

Avoid suspicious links and ensure that the scanned content is suitable for viewing. The QR Scanner displays a secure preview for you to verify.

How it works

Scan a QR Code with Codex

First Step

Firstly, authorize our QR Code reader to use your camera

Second Step

Point camera device on the QR Code

Third Step

If it doesn't detect your code, move back and forth slightly

Fourth Step

After successfully scanning, the result will be displayed on the screen.

100% Safe and Secure

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5 / 5

I tried several Apps, I needed to connect to WiFi with QR in Windows, none worked well while Codex app worked on the first try connecting without problems.

Elisa - Windows 11 user
5 / 5

It simply works! Great product - Team! You have created an awesome user experience! Congratulations!

Paul - iOS user
5 / 5

A very simple app that can read QR codes either through a capture device (e.g., webcam), screenshot, or image file. The free version also enables generation of QR codes.

Michael - Windows 10 User


What exactly is a QR Code?

QR is an abbreviation for "Quick Response." QR Codes are designed to provide data to any scanning device as quickly as possible. QR codes aren't the only type of barcodes available, but they are the one you should be using to generate more leads and clients.

Why is a QR code necessary?

It is an excellent tool for marketing and information sharing. QR codes can aid in the conversion of physical leads into online customers.

How safe is a QR Code?

QR codes may contain malicious links. To validate your scans, use the Codex QR Scanner App. You can preview the contents of QR Code links using our SafeScan feature.

Can QR Codes Expire?

If the QR Code contents must be changed, Dynamic QR Codes must be used. Codex’s QR Codes never expire and work indefinitely.

What exactly are Dynamic QR Codes?

You have more freedom with Dynamic Codes. The contents can be edited later - even after they've been printed! Dynamic QR Codes use short URL forwarding, so, you can track your users' location and scan statistics.

Is it possible for a QR Code to be colored?

QR Codes can be any color as long as they can be read from the background. They can have a variety of colors, shapes, and logos.

How do I create a QR Code?

You can use our QR Code Generator app to generate QR codes. All you have to do to create a QR Code is type in the data you want.