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Codex Features: QR generator and QR reader for PC

Scan QR Codes

Scan QR Codes using your PC's camera or through images and screenshots—even multiple QR Codes at once. Our platform offers a seamless experience for decoding QR Codes quickly and accurately, whether they're right in front of you or captured in your device's photo gallery.

Create QR Codes

Generate all types of QR Codes with ease. We support a wide array of categories including Text, URLs, Messages, Emails, WiFi, Phone numbers, Business Cards, and more. Our intuitive design allows you to create customized QR Codes that meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum compatibility and readability.

QR Scan History

Maintain a comprehensive record of all your scanning activity. To preserve a history of your scans, with Codex QR app. This feature enables you to conveniently access and review your past scans, providing a digital archive of your QR interactions for easy retrieval and management.

100% Safe and Secure

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5 / 5

I tried several Apps, I needed to connect to WiFi with QR in Windows, none worked well while Codex app worked on the first try connecting without problems.

Elisa - Windows 11 user
5 / 5

It simply works! Great product - Team! You have created an awesome user experience! Congratulations!

Paul - Windows 10 user
5 / 5

A very simple app that can read QR codes either through a capture device (e.g., webcam), screenshot, or image file. The basic version also enables generation of QR codes.

Michael - Windows 10 User

Codex Standalone - Windows Version

One-time and lifetime purchase: Install without using Microsoft Store and use it offline and forever. Scan and manage your QR code directly from your computer anytime you want!

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i This plan includes a single license, ideal for individual users.
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Custom Plan
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Educational & Big team

QR Code Business Tool

Are you a company in need of a simple tool to manage QR codes? Choose the Team plan or contact us for information on your Custom Plan. We will find the right solution to manage, scan, and generate QR Codes for your business!